Formflow is an ecosystem of resources that allows you to digitize any business process


Smart forms with dynamic behaviour, controls, activations, calculations, retrieval of information from webservice, etc. ... and archiving in PDF format.

Form Builder

User interface that allows you to create forms intuitively and quickly.

Wheel communication messaging

Assignment of requests and replies for advance notice to entities of the organization.

Reply forms are structured based on entity type.

Task manager

Track, prioritize, assign and automate tasks to be performed by users (aka Todo-List).

File manager

Advanced and integrated system for document management with versioning, preview, search, etc..

Attachments loaded in a form, as well as generated PDFs, are automatically uploaded to the file manager and made available to users.

Document generator

Generation of MS Word and Excel documents with automatic insertion of data.

PDF generator

Generating PDFs that can be used for printing, archiving a form, etc.

Workflow documentation tool

Tool which documents the configuration of the flow with available resources, executable actions for each button, etc..

Messaging service

Internal messaging system that allows to inform users through messages generated automatically by the system. It is also possible to request and exchange information between users involved in a workflow.


Configurable search fields to easily find any dossier.

Users can save their searches as work lists to efficiently organize their tasks.


Messages, quick search, work lists, etc. for a customizable overview of your work.


Ability to save predefined texts that will be available in any text editor of the application.

Process validation management

Resource that allows the authorization through a validation chain in a customizable and simplified way.

Ad hoc resources

Formflow is easily extensible with specially developed resources.

Integration with external systems

Formflow integrates easily with other information exchange systems such as georeferencing systems, accounting and billing systems, etc.