Formflow is a web solution that allows you to digitize any business process


Digitize business processes by making information accessible anywhere and in real time.


Make repetitive and time-consuming jobs such as sending emails, generating documents, etc. automated


Increases efficiency through optimization between organization and business processes.


The quality of the data is guaranteed through controls carried out in the flow of the procedure.



Smart forms with dynamic behaviour like controls, activations, calculations, etc.

File manager
File manager

Advanced document management system with versioning, preview, search etc.

Wheel communication messaging
Wheel communication messaging

Assignment of requests and replies from entities of the organization

... and many more
... and many more

Customized search, dashboard, task manager, glossary, customizable resources, etc.

Technology and Security


The configuration is saved in JSON-formated files. This allows to manage the versioning at repository level.

Authentication and authorization

The system can be connected to an existing identity provider.


All changes are recorded in the internal log system.

Digital signature

To fully digitize the processes, electronic signature systems can be integrated to sign the generated documents.

Multi language

The system is multilingual, so it can be used by users who speak different languages.


The system is fully configurable to allow you to individually configure data access.